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The Day You Were Born franchise is based upon a unique piece of computer software written by our programmer Glynne Davies, effectively a database of news and items of current affairs for everyday since 1900.  The charts produced by this software have over 70 pieces of relevant information about the day in question, the chart is printed onto a pre-printed A4 page to make a very special personalised gift.

When Glycar Computing wrote the software in 1996 few people had computers and the franchise was sold with all the hardware necessary, nowadays almost everybody has a computer and printer so although we do offer a package including all the hardware, in fact most people have and old computer that they do not know what to do with it.  The Day You Were Born will run on any computer running at least Windows 98 so put to work that old computer.

The price of this Franchise is £3,500 for the software over 1,000 pre-printed charts and many other blank products, this price includes a licence, unique franchise area and two years of monthly updates.

This is a business, people ask why is the software that expensive the simple answer is that we are selling the opportunity to join us in producing these products, software sold for £10 is available to everyone (mass market) if everyone had The Day You Were Born software there would be no business, you are buying into the business opportunity.

Glycar is a UK company based near Manchester and The Day You Were Born is a UK product the information printed applies to Britain we also have an Irish version which is also provided with the franchise.  Want more information, please click below to go to The Day You Were Born franchise site or check out our Retail Sales on the tab below for more information about the charts.

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