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Have you ever considered having your own Photographic Studio where people will queue to have their picture taken, the advent of digital photography means that almost everyone can take quite respectable pictures even with their mobile phones and fewer and fewer are looking for professional photographic studios for their keepsake photographs.

The Photo Flashback photographic studio is different and can be a great attraction by using themes, people love to dress up and take away with them a picture as if it were taken years ago or in an unusual situation.

Photo Flashback is based on the original photographic studios ‘The Victorian Picture Studio’, whilst we recommend a Victorian theme any theme can be catered for for instance Cowboy, Teddy boy, roaring 20’s etc.

The beauty of The Photo Flashback system is it’s speed, having a finished product within minutes of taking the photograph within a frame up to A3, a very impressive size for the wall.

This business includes full training of how to get the people dressed in special backless costumes, take the photograph and the printing of the finished product in the minimum of time so that you can deal with the large crowds which congregate to watch a photo shoot and then want their own.

No photographic experience is necessary it is basically point and shoot, the studios can be fixed or portable and although your main business will be within the themed photographic studio, you will also develop the skill of taking photographs and therefore do anything that a photographer would do i.e.  Weddings, Sports Events, Promotional photography and studio work.

So if you want to work directly with the public and be proud of the work you do, go to our business site below.